Digital Camera Slit Lamp SL-S5 5 step magnification slit lamp camera

Digital Camera Slit Lamp SL-S5 5 step magnification slit lamp camera
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Revamp your visual observation and analysis experience with our Digital Camera Slit Lamp SL-S5 - an exquisite incorporation of both modern digital technology and traditional optical science. Favored for its Galilean system of the Haag-Streit type, this 5-step magnification slit lamp camera promises an optimal range of eye examination with meticulous detail.

Transform your workspace into a dynamic environment with our product's high illumination feature. Coupled with a warm color hue, it creates a more comfortable visual environment for both doctors and patients. The lamp uses an imported LED light source, best known for its durability, efficiency, and vibrancy, assuring you of consistent, reliable light during every procedure.

Our slit lamp camera takes personalization to another level with PMW technology that allows for stepless adjustment. This attribute gives you the flexibility to tune the lamp according to your workspace requirements and lighting preferences, fostering a tailored user experience.

The defining feature of our SL-S5 is its revolving drum that facilitates five levels of magnification. This attribute extends an opportunity to evaluate ocular structures with improved depth perception, even in challenging lighting conditions.

Also, it boasts a 14mm broad beam, a feature that enhances visibility and further enhances diagnostic accuracy. This makes the SL-S5 an exceptional tool for ocular inspections demanding high precision.

Moreover, we have an interface for laser and applanation tonometer reserved, ensuring your slit lamp is future-proof and adaptable for upgrades.

Embrace the fusion of flexibility, precision, and convenience with our Digital Camera Slit Lamp SL-S5. Transform the way you perceive and analyze - all in one device.

  • Use PMW to control light source :
    The special light source control system is designed to change the brightness of the light source through the pulse width adjustment,the color temperature is stable,and the control light is accurate

    Stepless adjusted :
    Brightness has no stall limit,more suitable
    to observe different organization position.

    Revolving drum formagnification changer:

    Easy operation.Changing magnification bychanging eyepiece,theeyepiece needs to be collected separately ;

    The dialing lever isconverging design,theeyepiece stereo feeling ispoor,and cannot be upgradedto digital

    14mm broad beam:
    The light source iswide enough to cut theentire cornea at a time.

    Interface for laserand applanation tonometer reserved.

  • MicroscopeType

    MicroscopeType:Parallel type,Galilean system

    Magnification Changer:Revolving drum

    Eyepiece Magnification:12.5 X
    Pupil Range:52mm-82mm
    Magnification :6X 10X 16X25X 40X
    Visual Field Diameter:6X:33mm 10X:22mm16X:14mm 25X:8.5mm 40X5.5mm

    lllumination System:Haag Streit Type

    Visual Field Diameter
    lllumination Type:
    Light Source:LED
    Brightness:Continuously adjustable

    Slit image width:0mm~14mm continuously adjustable
    Slit image length:1mm~14mm continuously adjustable
    Slit image angel:0~180°<(+90°)continuously adjustable
    llumination tilting:5°10°15°20°
    Filter:Heat aborption, Grey, Redfree (green), Blue
    Fixation:Red LED 3.5V
    Max lllumination Intensity:≥600000LUX
    Slit aperture size:Ф14、Ф10、Ф5、 Ф3、Ф1、Ф0.2(mm)&1~14mm continuously
    100V~240V 48~62Hz

    Power Supply:

    Input voltage:100V~240V 48~62HZ

    Input power:70VA