HV-300 Digital Auto Lensmeter

HV-300 Digital Auto Lensmeter
HV-300 Digital Auto Lensmeter
HV-300 Digital Auto Lensmeter
HV-300 Digital Auto Lensmeter
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Sprcifications: Measurement range Sphere  -40.00D-+25.00D Cylinder  0~±10.00D Axis 0°-180°(1°Steps) ADD:    0~10.00D Prism   0~10
Minumum measuring value: Droaer   0.01/0.12/0.25D Prisnm   0.01/0.12/0.25
Other information: Cylinder   +/±/- Prism   X-Y/P-B Measure speed   0.05S Light source wavelength: 525nm UV Wavelength   400nm Blue light wavelength: 425nm Lens diameter   18-100mm Display   480*640 True color capacitor touch Printer   Thermal Prinetar Data connection:  RS232.Blue BLE,SPP Size   244(L)*192(W)*409(H)mm Weight:3.67 Kg Power supply: 110V-240V 50Hz-60Hz Power: 5V 6A


Whole process of computer control & automatic reading.Highly sensitive optical

path control for measuring various types of lenses,with automatic control calibration

procedure for tiny deviation calibration during measurement.Full series with UV

measurement,blue light measurement,visible light measurement,virtual pupil

distanuce ruler, wirelles Bluetroath fumation.


1 New operation interface

2 Capacitive touch screen

3 Automatic switching of left and right lens measurement

4 Automatic recognition of progressive lenses

5 Wide range of Sphere measurement:-40D-+25D

6 Bluetooth supports the data transfer between auto lensmeter and mobile phone(APP is only available on Android system phone)

7 UV,Visible light measurement

Blue light measurement:

Higher transmittance of visible light and lower transmittance of VU/blue light could indicate the better lenses quality

8 Reverse color technique is applied in the PD and PH measurement