VT-80 White Phoropter Refractor Vision Tester

VT-80 White Phoropter Refractor Vision Tester
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Excellent engineering design with outstanding performance

1. Sphere power Range: +16.75D to-19.00D, with minimum reading 0.25D or 0.12D
(when+0.12D auxillary lens or optional ±0. 12D lens in use)
+26.75D to-29.00D
(when optional ±10.00D lens is in use)

2. Cylinder power range: 0 to-6.00D, with minimum reading 0.25D or 0.12D
(when auxiliary lens is in use)
0 to-8.00D
(when-2.00D auxiliary lens is in use)

3. Cylinder axis Range: 0° to 180° each step is 5°

4. Cross cylinder: ±0. 25D, reversal type (synchronized with astigmatic axis) ±0.50D optional

5. Rotary prism: 0 to20ΔD in1ΔD step

6. Interpupillary adjustment: 50mm to 80mm, each step is 1mm (right and left synchronized)

7. PD adjustment: 48mm to 80mm in 1mm step(right and left synchronized)

8. Forehead rest adjustment: 16mm backward and forward

9. Convergence:
The optical axes of the lenses are aligned at a distance of 400mm from the vertexes of the comeas
(2mm each for right and left inward) Interpupillary distance enabling convergence=57mm to 80m

10. Corneal distance device: 2mm forward and 5mm backward from standard plane: with scale

11. Effective field of view: 19mm

12. Weight: 5kgs

13. Size: 323mm x 315mm x85mm

1 Easy Locking with Proximity Rod

The columnar shape gives the VT-80 a more appealing aesthetic, while allowing you to lock the torque with less effort. Our phoropter is easy to lock with the proximity rod.

2 Get more accurate measurements of astigmatism and axis position.

3 Prismatic paddle wheel is more convenient to turn.

Our prismatic paddle wheel has no sharp edges to cut your fingers. There is a large spacing between the prism and the crossed prism, which gives room for your hand to fit and turn the wheel with ease.

4 Attention to detail to increase the accuracy of optometry.

We pay attention to details to ensure the accuracy of your readings. The threads on the inside of the window hole prevent reflections which can negatively affect your readings.

5 Traceability Marking

The VT-80’s casing comes marked to allow for easier assembly.

6 Front case gears are made of metal.

The VT-80 uses high quality metal gear parts for all of its front housing components. This allows the VT-80 to withstand the wear and tear of time.

7 Backshell gear parts made of metal.

The VT-80 uses high quality metal gear parts for all of its backshell gear parts as well. harder and longer life.