NJC-4 Manual Lensmeter

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NJC-4 Manual Lensmeter
NJC-4 Manual Lensmeter
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The NJC-4 Lensmeter is used to measure the diopters of spherical lens and cylinder lens, the axis of cylinder lens, the strength and the baseline direction of shuttle lens, it can also stamp the optical center of lens, the axis of cylinder len adn the base direction of shuttle lens.

This instrument (Both Ac and Dc are permitted Two cells When Dc) has clear readings and graduations as well as high objective precision and reliabilities except that it can be operated easily and conveniently, AU the lenses and the made glasses can be measured by it, which, therefore, is a required and ideal measuring instrument for glasses manufactures, glasses stores and ophthalmological hospitals.

  • (1) Eyepiece focusing range: ±5D
  • (2) The top point diopter measuring range: 0—±20D
  • (3) The minimum measuring square value: 0.125D
  • (4) The shuttle lens measuring range: 5A
  • (5) The shuttle lens square value: 1A
  • (6) The cylinder lens axial range: 0—180°
  • (7) The cylinder lens axial square value: 5°
  • (8) The maximum diameter of the measured lenses l00m/m
  • (9) Power supply: AC 110V-6V DC 3V
  • Note: This item is AC 110V; The battery is not included!
  • Weight: 10 Lbs, Size: 18*8*12

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