NJC-1 Portable Manual Lensmeter

NJC-1 Portable Manual Lensmeter
NJC-1 Portable Manual Lensmeter
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Model NJC-1 Measuring Instrument for Spectacles Lens is used to measure all item of technical datas and Parameters of lens.

It is designed with novel method and owns the fol lowing advantages: small in size, light in weight, conveni entin use and full in function.

It can measure myopia degree of lens, presbyopic dioptre, astigmatic cyclinder axle, prismat ic degree and distance between two optical conters of lenses.

It can measure not only monofocal and bifocal lenses, but also comealens( contact lens).

The instrument is essential to any spectacles factory and shop.

Technical Parameter:

Vertex Power:

Range: +15D-20D

Step: (t)10D-(+)15D for 0.25D

Prismatic Power:

Range: 4 prism diopter

Step: 1 diopter

Cylinderical Axis:

Range: 0 to 180 degrees

Step:1 degree

Lenses Accommodated : Diameter 20mm to 80mm

Eyepiece Focusing: -5D to +5D

DC and AC: (DC)3V(AC)6V/3W

Weight: 2 Lbs

Size: 14*8*6